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The Wurzels Tribute Acts

The Wurzels Tribute Bands. Add some fun to your wedding or party with a tribute band to The Wurzels, available from the leading supplier of tribute bands & tribute acts in the UK - StarBookers!

THE TWERZELS The Wurzels Tribute

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Have you been Wurzeled, well now you can be. The TWERZELS are the UK's finest tribute band to the West country's greatest fun group THE WURZELS. Dave and Mark create the exact sounds of this ver ... more Make Enquiry

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THE NEW FOREST YOKELS (The Wurzels Tribute)

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AGRICULTURAL DRINKING MOOSIC AT ITS VERY BEST!! New Forest Yokels - The Wurzels Tribute Band A “yokel’s agricultural orchestra”. The very best for Scrumpy 'n Western “wurzel” music at yo ... more Make Enquiry

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